Who we are

If/When/How is a national network of law students and legal professionals from all backgrounds who know that reproductive justice doesn’t just happen.

It takes thoughtful action and strategic activism: acknowledging the intersection of identities, collaborating across disciplines, and working toward a critical transformation of the current legal system. Because ensuring that all people can decide if, when, and how to create and sustain families depends entirely on if, when, and how hard we fight.

Our legal system should support and advance reproductive justice for all. But all too often, it functions as yet another vehicle of reproductive oppression – we exist to change that.

Meet the people of If/When/How
Sabrina Andrus, JD
Executive Director
Mariko Miki, JD
Director of Programs
Melanie Anguay
Director of Finance & Operations
Jessica Goldberg, JD
Manager of Attorney & Pro Bono Programs
Caroline Reilly
Legal Intern