Law Students

Join us. Because the movement is stronger when you get involved.

You care about reproductive rights and justice. Become part of a bold and empowering community that raises awareness, broadens the discourse, builds bridges, and effects change in this critical area of law and social justice. If your school already has a chapter, join it today. If not, just contact the If/When/How national office, and we’ll give you all the guidance and material you need to get started.

Law students across the country work with If/When/How to:


Our chapter leaders are creating change on their campuses and communities, and they’re having fun while doing it!

"This morning, I woke up thinking I was about to attend just another legal conference on #ReproJustice, but If/When/How showed me how #ReproJustice is about so much more. For the first time, I felt like I was allowed to embrace self healing. For the first time, I felt like I was able to engage in discussions about the intersectionality of racial justice & #ReproJustice. For the first time, I left day one of a conference wishing it hadn't ended and that there was more to follow. So thank you, If/When/How, for making this such an enjoyable, helpful, enlightening, inspiring, and necessary part of my legal education."
2016 Leadership Institute Attendee