A Farewell Note from Sabrina Andrus
Sabrina Andrus, a white woman with curly brown hair
Sabrina Andrus

Eight years ago, I started my work at If/When/How as a campus organizer, and today, I’m saying goodbye to an organization that I grew to have the pleasure of leading as executive director. It’s difficult to put into words just how much being part of this organization and this movement has changed and inspired me, but when I see the incredible talent and resilience of the people who are part of the If/When/How community, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who’s stepped into their power as an organizer, activist, and lawyer as a result of being part of this family.

There are tremendously exciting things happening in If/When/How’s future, and I wouldn’t be saying goodbye if I wasn’t certain I was leaving the organization in the hands of people who are committed to the often hard, but always rewarding, work of changing the face of lawyering. I’m so proud of our team, and of the thousands of If/When/How alums and allies across the country.

Your support has meant so much to us over the years; it was essential eight years ago when we were just a three-person team, and it’s essential now as If/When/How continues to grow into a reproductive justice lawyering powerhouse.

You can make our work even stronger with an end-of-year gift to ensure that we continue to build a legal community committed to challenging, reshaping, and even dismantling systems built to serve only the most privileged among us.

Together, we really can change the face of lawyering.

In solidarity,