If/When/How's COVID-19 Policy Platform Demands Reproductive Self-Determination for All of Us.

This is a wake-up call.

Here at If/When/How, we’re seeing how the coronavirus crisis brings into sharper focus the inequities that plague the communities at the heart of our Strategic Initiatives and shines a bright light on the unnecessary hurdles and harms caused by the policies we’re trying to change. We’re not going to let our communities down. 

As anti-abortion politicians exploit this crisis to advance their own dangerous agendas, we have to do more than just defend lost ground. Now is the time for us to move in unison with the spirit of compassion and demand lasting changes to improve access to abortion, expand the social safety net, and ensure that every one of us has the freedom to decide if, when, and how to create, sustain, and define our families. 

Our policy demands are focused on improving abortion access especially for young people, public program participants, and those who self-manage their abortions as well as enhancing dignity, resources, and rights for birthing people and parents. We call on state, local, and national leaders to begin working immediately to implement changes that will ensure our communities not only survive this crisis, but continue to thrive in the years to come. 

Read our platform to the right, or download a copy.