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Press Release: Supreme Court's 'Jane Doe' Ruling a Victory Against Trump Administration's Bullying
Jessica Goldberg, a white-skinned woman with light colored hair and dark lipstick.
Jessica Goldberg, Manager of Attorney and Pro Bono Programs

Contrary to what some headlines suggest – this report from NBC News is particularly misleading – today’s Supreme Court decision in Azar v. Garza was not a win for the Trump Administration.

The fight to ensure access to abortion for young people in federal immigration custody is not over,” said Jessica Goldberg, Manager of Attorney and Pro Bono Programs at If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice. Goldberg oversees If/When/How’s Judicial Bypass Project, a coalition-building research initiative that brings together activists, health care and legal professionals, and other stakeholders to navigate, challenge and eliminate the parental involvement laws that obstruct access to abortion care in 37 states.

It is also essential to note that the Court declined to grant the government’s request to sanction Jane Doe’s attorneys for taking action to ensure she was able to obtain an abortion,” said Goldberg. “The government’s attempts to seek sanctions on attorneys for doing their jobs was nothing short of bullying, plain and simple.”

The bullying of reproductive and immigrant justice advocates is something we have seen before from this administration, and it is heartening that in this particular case the Court did not stand for it. Jane Doe’s attorneys were acting in the best interest of their client, who they had an ethical obligation to serve, and acted in line with a valid order they received from a court of law. As the Supreme Court said in its decision: Jane Doe won in court, and her attorneys moved quickly, retaining the benefit of favorable judgment.

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