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If/When/How connects our community of law students and legal professionals with organizations who have legal needs but no legal team. Our volunteers have the opportunity to directly engage with issues at the forefront of reproductive justice and have a meaningful impact at the local, state, or national level.

Thanks to individuals like you who have dedicated their time and skills to advancing reproductive justice, hundreds of hours of pro-bono support have already made a huge difference for organizations across the country.

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Legal Research Initiative

Through the Legal Research Initiative (LRI), volunteer law students and legal professionals work on a variety of legal research projects that we develop in-house or with partner organizations. The LRI serves a diverse group of organizations working at all intersections of reproductive justice, such as immigration, disability, incarceration, and environmental justice. Volunteers provide meaningful legal support to national-scale and grassroots organizations working every day to achieve reproductive justice in their communities.

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Judicial Bypass Project

Currently, 37 states have parental involvement laws requiring minors to notify or obtain consent from their parents before obtaining an abortion. Those who cannot or choose not to involve their parents are subject to an onerous process called judicial bypass. Minors cannot or choose not to involve their parents in their abortion related decision-making for a variety of reasons, including placement in foster care or having incarcerated parents, parents who are overseas, or parents in the military. Our Judicial Bypass Project is working to build networked expertise around parental involvement laws and judicial bypass. If you are interested in volunteering or have experience working on judicial bypass in your state, please  join our network or contact us.