If/When/How quote graphic with a black background and a white If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice logo in the upper right corner. To the left is the quote in bold, white, and teal text that reads, "In a moment when pregnant people's fundamental rights to make decisions about their bodies are at risk, we are heartened that the state has agreed to take these crucial steps towards dignity and equality for all Idahoans. Everyone deserves the security of knowing that their decisions will be honored, and we are glad to see this become a reality for pregnant Idahoans." Below in bold, white text is the attribution: Farah Diaz-Tello, J.D., If/When/How Senior Counsel & Legal Director
02.3.2022  /   If/When/How Staff
Four Idaho women secured a landmark victory this week, settling a federal lawsuit challenging an Idaho law that voided the living wills – also known as advance directives – of all pregnant people. ... Read more
09.20.2021  /   webmaster
Abortion bans inevitably make people who self-manage their abortions targets for criminalization, argued advocates, researchers, and health care providers who filed an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  In oral arguments later this fall, the Court will consider whether Mississippi may ban pre-viability abortions in defiance of nearly a half-century of abortion case law.…... Read more
07.30.2021  /   webmaster
We filed suit in state court in Baton Rouge, challenging a Louisiana law that will delay or even preclude abortion access for young people by implementing harmful restrictions that limit young people’s access to the court system.... Read more
04.6.2021  /   webmaster
In a victory for pregnant people’s civil rights, a federal court in Boise held that Idaho law cannot require people capable of pregnancy to include language that voids their living wills -- also known as advance directives -- if they are pregnant.... Read more
02.22.2021  /   webmaster
The American Bar Association has adopted a resolution against criminalization of people for self-managed abortion or for any pregnancy outcome — marking an historic move forward for efforts to decriminalize our reproductive lives.... Read more
06.30.2020  /   webmaster
By Jessica Goldberg, J.D., If/When/How Youth Access Counsel

While June Medical maintains the status quo, the status quo for young people seeking abortion care is unacceptable.... Read more
04.2.2020  /   webmaster
We’re working overtime to ready our legal resources and recruit more lawyers to help us protect people who self-manage their abortions from unjust policing and prosecution.... Read more
The United States Supreme Court building photographed against a blue sky.
12.3.2019  /   webmaster
If/When/How, along with advocates, researchers, and health care providers, told the Supreme Court that justices must understand the imminent legal threats against people who self-manage their abortions as they consider the unconstitutional Louisiana law intended to shutter abortion providers.... Read more
07.22.2019  /   webmaster
Abortion access advocates must abandon patronizing and often stigmatizing approaches when supporting young people who seek access to abortion care, according to a first-of-its-kind report released today by If/When/How.... Read more
07.2.2019  /   webmaster
We stand against punishing people for seeking health care, and we stand against using the FDA as a pawn to advance a political agenda that aims to deprive people of their dignity and humanity as well as their constitutional right to make intimate decisions about their pregnancies.... Read more