09.28.2020  /   webmaster
A Barrett confirmation would make the threat of criminalization for providing or having an abortion more imminent than it has been for decades, a threat that disproportionately puts Black, Indigenous, and people of color at risk.... Read more
09.21.2020  /   webmaster
Like many women, Justice Ginsburg carried the weight of movements. We are especially holding the pain of a particular truth: No one or their loved ones should have to spend their final months and moments bearing the burden of being one of the last remaining barriers to the worst kinds of incursions on the human rights and dignity of people today, and for generations to come.... Read more
06.29.2020  /   webmaster
By Yveka Pierre, Esq., If/When/How Litigation Counsel, Farah Diaz-Tello, J.D., If/When/How Senior Counsel, and Sara L. Ainsworth, J.D., If/When/How Senior Legal and Policy Director

We continue to demand an end to state violence, and fight criminalization in all its forms, from policing to surveillance to criminal punishment of people and communities for self-managed abortion.... Read more
10.11.2019  /   webmaster
By Lucie Arvallo, J.D., If/When/How Reproductive Justice Fellow at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Justice Kavanaugh was nominated and confirmed because conservative extremists trust him to rule against abortion. But I'm not backing down.... Read more
The U.S. capitol building against a blue sky, with protesters in the foreground holding "Believe Anita" and "Believe Survivors" signs
10.5.2018  /   webmaster
By Andrea Grimes, If/When/How Manager of Communications and Development

This is not a matter of denying our own stories, or ignoring our own rage and passion. It is a matter of getting the whole story.... Read more
A black and white photo of women dressed in black veils with the words "we dissent" written on their palms.
09.17.2018  /   webmaster
By Andrea Grimes, If/When/How Manager of Communications and Development

There is a terrifying logic at work when a man says to another man, "Let’s see what we can do to this woman, together," and no man who says that belongs on the Supreme Court.... Read more
A woman holds an American flag and a poster that reads "Kava-NOPE"
09.13.2018  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
From Dena Robinson, J.D., If/When/How Board President

We encourage every member of the If/When/How community to continue calling their senators and demanding they vote against allowing Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the highest court in the land.... Read more
A black and white photo of women dressed in black, wearing veils, in the U.S. Senate offices
09.12.2018  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
By Kimya Forouzan, Vice President, If/When/How Board of Directors

Judge Kavanaugh’s decisions will likely harm those who are already marginalized in our society, no matter who he eats lunch with.... Read more
06.27.2018  /   webmaster
To fight for reproductive justice is to hold a lot of hard things all at once – things that didn’t start with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, and which we know all too well won’t stop when he’s gone. But we know something else: We know you.... Read more
06.26.2018  /   webmaster
Kimya Forouzan, Vice President, If/When/How Board of Directors: "Trump’s Muslim ban separates family members from each other, strips individuals of their dignity by treating them as second-class citizens, and advances the ugly and false stereotype that people from the affected nations are inherently dangerous. It is directly contradictory to the principles of reproductive and racial justice."... Read more