Pink and lavender gradient grainy background graphic highlighting a key finding from If/When/How's recently released research on abortion criminalization in the U.S. In the upper right corner is the If/When/How logo. In the center is dark crimson text that reads, "Mapping abortion criminalization." Below is a United States map with states where people have been criminalized for abortion highlighted in dark red. The state are California, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Iow, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts. Below in crimson text is elaboration on the finding: From 2000 to 2020, If/When/How identified 61 cases of people criminally investigated or arrested for allegedly ending their own pregnancy or helping someone else do so..
08.9.2022  /   If/When/How Staff
61 people have been criminalized for self-managed abortion in the last twenty years. New research from If/When/How shows what the future of abortion criminalization could look like.... Read more
06.24.2022  /   If/When/How Staff
A statement from If/When/How on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.... Read more
If/When/How quote graphic with a black background and a white If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice logo in the upper right corner. To the left is the quote in bold, white, and teal text that reads, “Judges, like juries, despite the call for objectivity, do not leave their lived experiences behind when they walk through the doors of a courtroom. What could it mean for a “reasonable person” standard to be analyzed by someone with a different perspective on what it means to be reasonable, a perspective that is not white, that is not cisgender male, something altogether different..” Below in bold, white text is the attribution: Yveka Pierre, Esq. If/When/How Senior Litigation Counsel.
04.6.2022  /   If/When/How Staff
By Yveka Pierre, Esq., If/When/How Senior Litigation Counsel
While widening the scope of experiences and viewpoints on the bench to include that of a Black woman may lead to some positive outcomes for some people experiencing oppression (to the apparent chagrin of conservatives), it doesn’t erase the conditions that allow oppression to occur.... Read more
07.24.2020  /   webmaster
Here's what's happened with forced parental involvement laws across the country over the last year.... Read more
07.23.2020  /   webmaster
By: Rebecca Wang, J.D., If/When/How Helpline Counsel

Our Wiki serves as a living resource and central hub for information on parental involvement laws.... Read more
07.20.2020  /   webmaster
By: Jessica Goldberg, J.D., If/When/How Youth Access Counsel, and Sara Ainsworth, J.D., If/When/How Senior Legal & Policy Director

For too long, the judicial bypass has been presented as a reasonable alternative to forced parental involvement laws. It is not. ... Read more
An image of a galaxy with the words "If a horizon is the farthest point we can see, then I want to look there and find a Supreme Court that is not afraid to get uncomfortable and to wade into the muddy waters" overlayed
10.10.2018  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
Dena Robinson shares her unapologetic vision for a more just future built on the powerful worldbuilding of science fiction and fantasy literature.... Read more
A woman wearing a black veil, holding her hands up, protests the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as photographers with long-lens cameras take her photo.
09.21.2018  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
From Dena Robinson, J.D., If/When/How Board President

We demand an immediate end to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation process, because it is clear that he has neither the character nor judgment that all Americans must require in a candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States.... Read more
07.9.2018  /   webmaster
From Dena Robinson, J.D., If/When/How Board President: "We have grave concerns about the role Judge Kavanaugh could play on the Supreme Court if confirmed by Congress."... Read more