03.3.2022  /   If/When/How Staff
A Q&A with RJ Lawyers Network members and research volunteers Avani Dhillon and Sarah Wiesner about their experiences leveraging their legal skills to advance projects to realize reproductive justice. ... Read more
10.8.2020  /   webmaster
By Melissa Torres-Montoya, J.D., M.P.H., If/When/How Lawyer Engagement Manager

I believe every lawyer can work to make reproductive justice a reality. Join us today.... Read more
10.8.2020  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
By Jaspreet Chowdhary, J.D., M.P.H., Ballot Integrity Program Manager at Ballot Initiative Strategy Center and ‘10-11 If/When/How Reproductive Justice Fellow at NAPAWF

I am particularly excited to help support lawyers in non-reproductive justice organizations advocate for and operationalize organizational shifts in their workplaces that reflect RJ values, and also personally think more deeply about how RJ values are showing up in my daily life, outside of work. ... Read more
10.8.2020  /   webmaster
"I'm supporting a network of lawyers advancing reproductive justice because I believe in the power of education and collective power to create change."... Read more