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By If/When/How Staff

We're still taking it to the virtual streets when it comes to lawyering, advocating, and organizing for reproductive justice.... Read more
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By If/When/How Staff

How to handle loans, to journal or not to journal, the fight to fend off Big Law, and much, much more, including the biggest question of all: is law school right for you?... Read more
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By Erin Panichkul, J.D., If/When/How Student Organizing Coordinator

Unpaid internships are a greedy way to extract free labor from students who have few other choices if they want to pursue a career in the law. It’s not an issue of entitlement to expect to get paid for working full-time just because you’re a student – it’s economics.... Read more
A vintage black and white photo of white, male law students in a law classroom at Villanova University.
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By Caroline Reilly, Boston College Law '19 and Legal Intern at If/When/How

in order to succeed in a profession that is often charged with fighting for the rights of the most marginalized, advocates often need to enjoy immense privilege, further ingraining inequality into the process.... Read more
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By Kaitlin McDermott, If/When/How Reproductive Justice Intern

With active practice and intentional support, a meaningful transformation of the legal system from a system of oppression to one of justice is possible.... Read more

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If/When/How is excited to publish the 2017 Reproductive Rights Law & Justice Course Survey. The survey captures the results of sustained efforts by If/When/How staff, students, and alumni, as well as academic allies, to grow curricular offerings and expose law students to important reproductive rights and justice issues.... Read more
10.25.2016  /   If/When/How Staff
Mariko Miki, Director of Academic & Professional Programs

Started in 2010, the Reproductive Justice Fellowship Program (RJFP) creates entry points into the reproductive justice movement for new lawyers and bolsters the legal capacity of nonprofit organizations working to advance reproductive justice through policy advocacy. Now in its seventh year, the RJFP has launched the careers of 53 recent law school graduates.... Read more