04.20.2021  /   webmaster
That Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, was found guilty of murder for killing George Floyd is at once a rare and historic moment of accountability in a system rooted in anti-Blackness, and a heartbreaking signal of how far we are from a world of true freedom and justice for all. As a legal organization, we hold at the heart of our analysis the tensions between what was, what is, and what could be. The system is not "broken." It has grown -- indeed, been, watered, fed, and cultivated -- into a punitive system of racist targeting, mass incarceration, and the deadly silencing of dissent. We continue to work for change. We know a different future is possible; we see the If/When/How community building toward it every day.... Read more
03.26.2021  /   webmaster
Let’s work together, using our reproductive justice lens, to dismantle this country’s racist caste system.... Read more
03.17.2021  /   webmaster
We condemn the rise in racist violence and vitriol against Asian communities — especially against Asian women and elders — and want to be clear: anti-Asian violence is a reproductive justice issue. ... Read more
06.16.2020  /   webmaster
By Rebecca Wang, J.D., If/When/How Helpline Counsel.

what are you doing to work toward our collective liberation this Pride season?... Read more
05.28.2020  /   webmaster
By Jon Wong, If/When/How Program and Operations Associate

The COVID-19 pandemic has resurfaced long-held racist fears of Asian Americans and our perceived threats to public health.... Read more
03.4.2019  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
By Rebecca Wang, J.D., Legal Fellow at SIA Legal Team

The students using the tag talk about navigating discrimination for being women, Muslim, people of color, queer, Jewish, people with disabilities, immigrants, and sexual assault survivors on a campus that otherwise touts diversity and inclusion as core values.... Read more
11.21.2018  /   webmaster
By Dena Robinson, J.D., If/When/How Board President

In the 2018 midterm elections, issues of race, racism, and identity permeated electoral contests across the country, and there’s no reason to believe Mississippi is immune.... Read more
11.8.2018  /   webmaster
From the If/When/How Board of Directors Dena, Kimya, and Sabrina weigh in on the exciting midterm wins despite white women throwing the rest of us under the bus, again.... Read more
The U.S. capitol building against a blue sky, with protesters in the foreground holding "Believe Anita" and "Believe Survivors" signs
10.5.2018  /   webmaster
By Andrea Grimes, If/When/How Manager of Communications and Development

This is not a matter of denying our own stories, or ignoring our own rage and passion. It is a matter of getting the whole story.... Read more
A black and white photo of women dressed in black, wearing veils, in the U.S. Senate offices
09.12.2018  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
By Kimya Forouzan, Vice President, If/When/How Board of Directors

Judge Kavanaugh’s decisions will likely harm those who are already marginalized in our society, no matter who he eats lunch with.... Read more