02.26.2019  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
By Monica Edwards, J.D., If/When/How Reproductive Justice Fellow at URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity

It's not enough to give LGBTQ+ folks or people of color a seat at the table. We should be heading the table, and pulling out chairs for our sisters, brothers, and siblings.... Read more
11.8.2018  /   webmaster
From the If/When/How Board of Directors Dena, Kimya, and Sabrina weigh in on the exciting midterm wins despite white women throwing the rest of us under the bus, again.... Read more
A woman wearing a black veil, holding her hands up, protests the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as photographers with long-lens cameras take her photo.
09.21.2018  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
From Dena Robinson, J.D., If/When/How Board President

We demand an immediate end to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation process, because it is clear that he has neither the character nor judgment that all Americans must require in a candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States.... Read more