A woman holds an American flag and a poster that reads "Kava-NOPE"
09.13.2018  /   If/When/How Guest Voice
From Dena Robinson, J.D., If/When/How Board President

We encourage every member of the If/When/How community to continue calling their senators and demanding they vote against allowing Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the highest court in the land.... Read more
06.26.2018  /   webmaster
Kimya Forouzan, Vice President, If/When/How Board of Directors: "Trump’s Muslim ban separates family members from each other, strips individuals of their dignity by treating them as second-class citizens, and advances the ugly and false stereotype that people from the affected nations are inherently dangerous. It is directly contradictory to the principles of reproductive and racial justice."... Read more
A young girl sits atop a woman's shoulders at an immigrant families' rights protest in San Francisco in June 2018. She is holding a sign that reads "Children need their parents."
06.20.2018  /   webmaster
By Mariko Miki, Director of Programs at If/When/How Trump and his gaslighters-by-proxy are trying to use abuser language to convince us family separations are necessary. But I know better, from first-had experience at the border.... Read more
Protesters march in Philadelphia carrying signs reading "Immigrants are not your scapegoats" and "#Not1More"
06.4.2018  /   webmaster
“The government's attempts to seek sanctions on attorneys for doing their jobs was nothing short of bullying, plain and simple,” said Jessica Goldberg, who oversees If/When/How’s Judicial Bypass Project, a research initiative that brings together stakeholders to navigate, challenge and eliminate the parental involvement laws that obstruct access to abortion care in 37 states.... Read more
05.24.2018  /   webmaster
By Erin Panichkul, If/When/How Student Organizing Coordinator I’ll never feel anywhere near close to achieving the level of accomplishment, status, or wealth I think my parents deserve. I even sometimes wonder if I’ve accomplished enough to gain the respect of the Thai community. But I’m working through those complicated, internalized feelings.... Read more
A screen shot of attorney Brigitte Amiri, a woman with a short brown bob haircut wearing a blue sleeveless top.
05.22.2018  /   webmaster
The ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project's Brigitte Amiri has become one of the loudest voices of the #JusticeforJane movement, going up against the Trump Administration on behalf of immigrant teens who need abortion care. She talks with If/When/How about her advice for new lawyers, and how she handles burnout after tough court battles.... Read more