Portrait of Jill E. Adams with a quote of hers
Onward and Farewell

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As I finish out my last week as Executive Director of at If/When/How, I’m full of awe, faith, and gratitude. I’ve been reflecting on If/When/How’s formation and evolution – remembering all the many dedicated people, key connections, and precious opportunities that have gotten us where we are today.

Where we are is in a position of strength and a posture of service, continuing to scale up to meet needs, adapting in response to change, and blazing new trails to push for the future our communities desire and deserve. If/When/How’s vision, culture, and programs are co-held by the competent hands and brilliant minds of 43 tremendously talented staff members with the support of a devoted, seasoned board. We consistently deliver holistic services and programs to our clients and communities – striving to exemplify RJ lawyering in all we do.

Beyond our concrete contributions, If/When/How has nurtured valued relationships and earned a reputation as reliable movement partners. We practice critical analysis and accountability, while always being ready to throw down, lift up, and pitch in as needed. Despite the regressive conditions for reproductive health and rights, we endeavor, alongside many state and national partners, to move the field in progressive directions and collaboratively chart courses for a reimagined future.

These and other factors perfectly position If/When/How to welcome in new leadership that will help to guide the work into the next era. A joint staff-board team is overseeing an executive search, the details of which will soon be announced. Meanwhile Mariko Miki (Managing Director & General Counsel) will serve as Interim Executive Director, bringing her 13 years of institutional knowledge and myriad talents to the role to ensure a smooth transition. I’m confident that If/When/How will continue to thrive throughout this phase and beyond – as a special place where people apply as much heart as they do brainpower to every task, opportunity, and challenge before them.

As for me, I’ll be taking some time off to be with my family before deciding what comes next work-wise. I appreciate all of the kind words and heartwarming reflections folks have shared in light of my announcement. These nearly two decades of movement work have been all the things: riveting, revealing, wrenching, and rewarding.

Everything I’ve been able to imagine and produce, or understand and influence, throughout my career has been the result of precious relationships with mentors, community members, and partners who have enlightened me. I’m grateful beyond words for the trust and opportunities I’ve been given in this role, as well as the education and lifelong relationships I’ve gained. Wherever I go, this organization and this movement will forever be a part of me. And, I will forever be devoted to the pursuit of all people’s full and unfettered reproductive self-determination.

Always in community,

Jill E. Adams