Akayla Galloway: 'Reproductive Justice is the Intersection of Reproductive Rights and Social Justice.'

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Akayla Galloway

Akayla Galloway (Southern University Law Center ’21) identifies as an Africana Womanist. Her advocacy focuses on the experiences, struggles and needs of Black women and women of the Diaspora. Receiving her degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in both Africana Studies and Political Science, she plans to use her education to further her advocacy work. While in law school, Akayla wrote a law article for her Health Law course, titled Black Women r u ok?, that focused on the historical reproductive violence that Black women faced and continue to face. Originally from Minnesota, Akayla’s advocacy has morphed over time, especially as she has moved further South. Her work focuses on the intersectionality of both race and gender identification. 

A product of the social media era, a few hashtags to sum up her advocacy are: #ProtectBlackWomen #BlackTransLivesMatter #SayHerName #SayTheirNames #WeRemember #MySistasKeeper.

Akayla will spend her RJ Fellowship year at SisterLove, Inc. in Atlanta, GA.

If/When/How: Who are you and where are you from?

Akayla Galloway: I am Akayla! She/her are my pronouns and I am from Minnesota.

If/When/How: Where are you going? (You can treat this question literally or existentially).

AG: I don’t really have an answer to this. I’m going wherever the fight is, wherever they need me, wherever I’m called to be is where I will be. 

If/When/How: Who or what drew you to reproductive justice work?

AG: To me, it is life or death. Reproductive justice is the intersection of reproductive rights and social justice. Reproductive Justice is the human right that we all have to our gender identity, expression, sexuality, and most obvious, our reproduction. The right to have or not to have children. 

If/When/How: When you are not lawyering, what do you get up to?

AG: When I am not lawyering I am struggling with adulting. or yoga-ing. Yoga has been my healing power throughout the pandemic, protests, law school, and bar prep. 

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