Repro Legal Helpline

Questions about your legal rights and self-managed abortion?

Contact the Repro Legal Helpline to reach a free, confidential helpline where you can get information about your legal rights regarding self-managed abortion. We can give you clear, understandable answers about legal rights, what the law is, and how it has been used.

We may also be able to provide you with legal advice depending on where you live and why you are contacting us. If we cannot give you legal advice, then we will try to connect you with a lawyer from our network in your state. If you have been arrested, questioned by the police, or charged with a crime for your abortion, we may also be able to help you by finding you a lawyer in your state, or working with your lawyer to help with your defense.

We are not a resource on abortion pills. We cannot provide information about where to buy pills, how to buy them, or how to take them. We also cannot help with tracking or receiving pill shipments.