Amicus Brief
Amicus Brief: Self-Managed Abortion in June v. Gee

The Supreme Court must understand the imminent legal threats against people who self-manage their abortions as justices consider the unconstitutional Louisiana law intended to shutter abortion providers, according to If/When/How, along with Dr. Jamila Perritt, Ipas, Project SANA and Positive Women’s Network – USA. In this June v. Gee brief, we argue that Louisiana’s abortion restrictions place people at risk of criminalization by falsely portraying abortion as unsafe and illicit while pushing people to self-manage abortions as clinics across the state are shuttered. We warn the court that the threat of arrest deters people from seeking medical help if they need it, undoing decades of progress in reproductive health care. Special thanks to the law firm Perkins Coie LLP, our co-counsel on the brief..