Issue Brief
Fact Sheet: Improving Young People's Abortion Access at If/When/How

In 38 states, people under the age of 18 who are seeking abortion care are forced to involve their parents or legal guardians. Parental involvement laws require a young person to notify or get consent from a parent — or do both — in order to access clinical abortion care. If a young person cannot or chooses not to involve a parent in their abortion decision, they can ask a court for permission to “bypass” this requirement. Either way, the choice is not their own — the final word rests either with a parent/legal guardian, or with a judge. This creates considerable barriers to abortion access and can cause significant delays for young people seeking abortion care, especially young people of color, LGBTQ young people, and those living in foster care or other state facilities. Download this fact sheet to learn more about how If/When/How is improving young people’s abortion access.