We're in Rewire this week!

If/When/How fellows Kelsey Grimes (URGE) and Rebecca Wang (Positive Women’s Network — USA) penned a scathing op-ed for Rewire, taking on the Washington Post’s appalling decision to give an even bigger platform to fired Atlantic writer Kevin Williamson, who called for women who seek abortion care to be hanged:

We know from history and countries where abortion is outlawed today that the criminalization of abortion care does not stop people from having abortions. When abortion is stigmatized, unaffordable, criminalized, or regulated out of existence, a woman will do what she thinks is best for her circumstances when faced with a pregnancy. Some will find safe methods to end a pregnancy, and some may use methods that are dangerous or ineffective. Williamson would turn local police into investigators of every pregnancy that doesn’t result in a live birth. It’s a horrifying prospect, and already a reality for some, particularly women of color. Since 1973 at least 20 people have been arrested — and some jailed — in connection with ending their own pregnancies, and others have been arrested for their pregnancy outcomes. We know their names: Purvi Patel, Bei Bei Shuai, Latice Fisher, Regina McKnight, and more.

Read the full piece here.

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