Welcome to If/When/How's Fourth Annual Youth Abortion Access Week!

Welcome to If/When/How’s fourth annual Youth Abortion Access Week! For the past few summers, we’ve been highlighting the excellent work of youth activists, legal professionals, clinic workers, and supporters around the country who are working to make forced parental involvement laws a thing of the past, mitigate the harms done by the judicial bypass process, and ensure that young people are able to access abortion care without barriers, shame, or stigma. 

This week, you’ll meet some amazing advocates from across the country through Q&A’s and posts here on the blog, an Instagram Live session, and content from If/When/How across our social media platforms (follow us on Twitter and Facebook, too). If you’re new to the issues surrounding young people’s abortion access, no worries; we’re here to explain the basics and grow the movement to improve young folks’ access to abortion. And if you’re deep in the movement already, we’re so glad you’re here — and we hope you can help us amplify this essential work with your networks and communities.

For an idea of what you can expect from #YAAW2021, let’s look at some highlights from years past:

  • “I’m Working to Make Sure Young People Like Me Can Make Decisions About Their Own Bodies” — a blog post from N., a high school student in Florida, on what it’s like to navigate the court system
  • “Heres How We’re Helping Advocates Share Knowledge to Improve Young People’s Abortion Access” — If/When/How’s Rebecca Wang, J.D., introduces the JB Wiki, a one-stop web shop for information about forced parental involvement laws.
  • “For the ‘Helpers’: How to Be a More Compassionate, Effective Advocate for Young Folks Who Need Abortion Care,” — Stephanie Loraine, MSW, explains her safety-focused, strengths-based approach to supporting young people who need abortion care, rooted in her own experience navigating forced parental involvement laws herself.

You’ll probably note that our original Youth Abortion Access Week wasn’t called that — instead, we focused on “judicial bypass.” We’ve come a long way in four short years, growing as an organization and expanding our strategic priorities, and thanks in no small part to the leadership and organizing work of young people on the ground, we’re making sure our language reflects the breadth of our movement. Here we go, #YAAW2021!

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